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Our territory is a precious source of both economic and cultural wealth, which should be protected and appreciated for each one of its aspects by every single individual belonging to it.

For this reason, OSV everyday concentrates its efforts on pursuing innovation and keeping up to date with the national and international markets in order to stay competitive and improve all the available resources.

Technology, innovation, appraisal of resources, support to small-medium enterprises are the watchwords that OSV has chosen to make its work an example of sustainability and modernity that can be taken as a model for the development of an industrial and ethical world, to protect the territory and support the economy and the society belonging to it.

Why to choose OSV?

Excellent relationship with Italian and European partners at all levels

Customer-targeted services, committed to our clients’ needs and timetable

More than 50 years’ experience with foreign companies in Italy will support you in your internationalization process

Time-efficient results: we don’t waste our clients’ time on unprofitable deals

Discover our Story

Over the years OSV has built up extensive commercial networks and contacts across Italy, EC and globally collaborating with the most important Italian and European manufacturers and drawing up commercial relationships with equipment distributors, dealers, farmers, food processors and wholesalers.